Savvytek Jordan Kuwaiti Bank Migrate to Oracle

Savvytek successfully completed one of the most critical Technology Migration projects in the Financial Sector in Jordan at the Jordan Kuwaiti Bank, based on the latest Oracle 10g Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA). Savvytek accomplishment was achieved in partnership with the leading IT provider Specialized Technical Services (STS). The implementation came as an advanced step in a complete migration project for the Bank’s technology infrastructure into the latest, state-of-the-art technologies in the IT field.

Savvytek worked with JKB to successfully deploy the latest Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster and Disaster Recovery (Data Guard) technologies on two of JKB main sites in Amman. The implementation was based on three-node SUN T2000, RISC-based cluster, with high availability infrastructure configuration.

The successful technology upgrade at JKB was a major step forward towards achieving a highly-available, scalable, disaster-recovery ready Core Banking Solution based on the latest technologies and best practices. The new implementation is expected to support and enhance the bank’s mission-critical operation, in a means to answering the ever developing standards and demands of the financial sector, in both, the local and regional markets.

Savvytek remarkable success in this project, and similar Oracle Technology High-Availability implementations through the past year, is recognized as a successful achievement for Oracle and the IT Sector in Jordan. This project reflects the serious direction of Jordan’s IT Community in leading the way forward to building a solid base of technical expertise and specialized skills in the region, it also shows a proud example of dedication and commitment towards higher and more strategic goals.

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