Savvytek Performs Data Cleansing and e-Services Development Services at Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department DVLD

As part of the effort to offer improved services to the public, the e-Government program in Jordan is working to streamline procedures and improve both internal operations and services to the public consisting of Citizens (C), Government (G), Business entities (B) using multi-channel electronic delivery technologies (internet, WAP, TVs, PDAs, etc).

DVLD, being one of the e-Government Fast-Track implementations in Jordan, aimed through this critical project at reaching to an enhanced overall architecture that enables DVLD to better integrate their services, be ready to interconnect with other e-Government organizations, and set the stage for the upcoming B2C services to be provided for the citizens.

Savvytek role in this project involved the migration of DVLD systems to a Distributed, Fully Synchronized, RDBMS-based, Multi-Tier, Component-based, Web-enabled architecture that is highly-available, scalable, sec ure, expandable, disaster-recovery ready, and compliant with open-standards. The proposed architecture enabled DVLD to provide better data access and exchange with the related governmental organizations, including PSD and Amman Municipality , and is ready to connect to and integrate with the e-Government Framework, and SGN.

In this project Savvytek relied on a Clustered, Highly Available Oracle Database Servers in the backend, supported by a Data Guard implementation to grant disaster recovery readiness; in the Middle-Tier, Savvytek is capitalizing on the Oracle Application Server, Web Server, and Directory Services that are based on the leading J2EE Architecture. The overall solution is designed to be highly available, with a focus on fulfilling DVLD short- and long-term objectives.

Savvytek added value to the project came through their wide experience and ability to understand the customer’s business requirements, and translate them into Technical Solutions. Savvytek is an international provider of IT services and solutions, Savvytek comes in with years of international, regional, and local experiences in Enterprise , complex, multi-tasked Projects execution and delivery.





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