Successful Oracle Disaster Recovery Implementation at Jordan Customs by Savvytek
In the context of deploying an enterprise IT Solution at Jordan Customs (JC); Savvytek successfully completed the final phases of building a Highly Available, Disaster-Recovery-Ready Solution that is based on Oracle Real Application Cluster and Data Guard Technologies at Jordan Customs. The solution was implemented in three main sites between Amman and Aqaba Special Economic Zone Customs (ASEZC).
Aligned with their direction to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Customs system in Jordan, the Jordan Customs Administration Modernization Program (CAMP) are sponsoring an enterprise project implementation to deploy seamless integration of customs Information Technology (IT) capability at Jordan Customs (JC) in Amman and the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Customs (ASEZC).
The project aims at implementing the Border Management Task Force (BMTF) for border clearance, upgrading and integration of Customs IT Infrastructure, capacity strengthening and training of Customs officials and improvement of external trade relations.
Savvytek teams of consultants played a major role in providing CAMP with Professional and Technical services to deploy the solution based on Oracle standards and best practices; the thing that guaranteed high performance, reliability and availability to end users and businesses. Savvytek role also included facilitating effective knowledge transfer to Customs Officials and System Administrators.
Savvytek added value to the project came through their wide experience in High Availability Implementations on different technologies. Savvytek is an international provider of IT services and Oracle solutions, Savvytek comes in with years of international, regional, and local experiences in Enterprise, complex, multi-tasked Projects execution and delivery.

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