Savvytek Sign an Oracle Support Agreement

with the Central Bank of Jordan

The month of February 2009 has witnessed the signature of an Oracle Support Services Agreement between the Central Bank of Jordan (CBJ) and Savvytek. With this agreement, Savvytek provides CBJ with Oracle support services for the high availability Oracle-based solution components of the central electronic check clearance systems (ECCU), ECCCBJ and RTGS, the systems are based on latest Oracle technology and best practices for high availability and performance.

The Electronic Check Clearing Systems, are electronic, image-based check clearing solutions designed to provide end-to-end nationwide clearing of checks within seconds of deposit. The ECC provides the means to electronically transfer check images and completely replace the traditional physical routines of moving paper-checks between the banks and the clearing house.

It’s worth mentioning that Savvytek have also signed another Oracle support services agreement with CBJ by the beginning of this year, that included providing  the Bank with the required Oracle Consultancy and administration services for their Oracle based infrastructure at the Main and Disaster Recovery sites following industry standards and best practices.

Savvytek, together with its training arm Savvytek Academy , can offer a wide spectrum of professional consultation, technical and IT education Services, through our top-notch expertise in the Oracle and Linux technologies, in addition to JAVA Technology, Security and e-Solutions Architecture.

Savvytek provide state-of-the-art services according to international standards and best practices. Our partnership with international market leaders guarantee the continuous support and cooperation of these vendors at all levels.

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