Savvytek Successfully Completes the National

Aid Fund Solution at the Ministry of Social


In line with the Ministry of Social Development direction towards regulating the aids and salary allocation to eligible beneficiaries across the Kingdom; Savvytek successfully completed the development and deployment of the comprehensive Targeting Equation Information Solution for the National Aid Fund Department this year.

Savvytek NAF System aims at unifying the process and implementing a Standard Targeting Equation which verifies the eligibility and amount of aid allocated to deprived families based on predefined criteria and calculated factors that take into consideration the social and economic situation of the family. The system also provides an extensive set of statistical and operational reports to assist stakeholders undertake more informative and timely decisions in the process of Social Development and Poverty-Rates Control throughout the Kingdom.  

Savvytek involvement included designing, developing and deploying the Targeting Equation Application to automate the process based on Oracle and Java Technology that provides a solid platform with high capacity for scalability, reliability and future integration with other solutions.

This project reflects the serious direction of the Government in carrying a more confident and effective scheme towards enhancing the living standards and fighting poverty in Jordan, via proper utilization of the national and international aids and based on more informative insight.

The National Aid Fund Initiative was established in the year 1986 to protect and assist needy individuals and households by providing them recurrent or emergency aids through legitimate channels.

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