Savvytek Lands the First Red-Hat Linux Virtualization Implementation Project at MEPS - Jordan

In partnership with Red Hat and Oracle; and in their endeavor to lead the market towards a more proficient, secure and better performing infrastructural solutions; Savvytek was chosen by Middle East Payment Services (MEPS)- Jordan, to implement their new core application - RS2 - based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Oracle technologies.

This technology migration project comes to support MEPS direction in building a Highly Available, Cost-Effective–Ready Data Center that hosts and supports their mission-critical, dynamic operation. In the first Red Hat Virtualization implementation project in Jordan, Savvytek assumed leadership to establish and deliver the Red Hat Linux and Oracle environment for the new card management system at MEPS - RS2. The environment was based on the latest Open Source Virtualization Technology from Red Hat, and the state-of-art network management solution, “Red Hat Network Satellite”.

This new infrastructure shall enable MEPS to invest in a more efficient, secure and improved climate, as well as achieve operation flexibility, easier administration and reduced maintenance costs. In addition to providing and implementing the software solutions, Savvytek conducted advanced training to MEPS technical team on the latest Red-Hat Linux and Oracle technologies; in order to guarantee proper hand over and facilitate in-house help desk service.

“We understand that protecting card holder data is essential for our organization, and we are proud to be one of the first service providers to initiate the virtualization and network management solution,” says General Manager at Middle East Payment Services, Naser Abu Ghazaleh,. “Savvytek has the technology and solid expertise in Red Hat and Oracle in Jordan and the Region, that could help us secure our organization and its local presence, in addition to facilitating the adopted Cost-Effective Strategy” he added. The Solution facilitated reduced investments in hardware and software infrastructure components, in addition to management and technical investment.

“Commencing Red Hat – RS2 is a further verification of Middle East Payment Services’ mission to meet the demands on the modern consumer,” says Mohammad Tahboub, President of Savvytek. “Through our partnership, MEPS will utilize the latest solutions that are proven to improve security, and performance, with least costs”.

This project reflects the serious direction of Savvytek to lead the technology trends in the market, and provide the latest, well-proven mechanisms for more efficient infrastructural solutions that cost less. Savvytek Management are keen on establishing a strong partnership with their clients, a partnership that is based on serious commitment to their clients’ long and short-term business goals.

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