Savvytek Deploys High Availability and Disaster Recovery Solutions at the Securities Depository Commission in Amman - Jordan

In an advanced step to maintain the sensitive transactions of Securities Depository Center (SDC), and further to the long fruitful work relationship; Savvytek, in partnership with Specialized Technical Services (STS) – IBM Department, was chosen to enhance and upgrade the existing IT infrastructure to a highly available, secure and Disaster-Recovery-ready architecture. This project came to crown SDC’s efforts to develop their IT Infrastructure including their hardware, operating systems, networking, backup, and database systems according to a strategic plan aiming at establishing High Availability and Disaster-Recovery readiness as a best practice within the SDC IT infrastructure, based on Oracle and IBM latest technologies.

It is worth mentioning that SDCs core business, the Securities Central Operation Registry Processing and Information Online (SCORPIO), is running on Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster (RAC) with Global Parallel File Systems (GPFS) on IBM AIX.

Along the implementation, Savvytek took into consideration the complexity and close inter-dependencies between the different components of this project and stressed on the importance and criticality of applying strict project management, configuration management, and quality control measures to guarantee an on-time, smooth transition for SDC. To achieve the targeted solution, Savvytek followed top-of-the-art methodologies, using best-of-breed technologies, and, most importantly, relied on the best caliber in town.

In addition to the solution design, implementation and upgrade; Savvytek provided Professional Database Migration services to the Disaster Recovery sites, as well as Certified Training Services to the SDC staff to facilitate handling the new implementation efficiently; to increase the Return on Investment and lower the Total Cost of Ownership.

In order to ensure business continuity, the SDC has invested in hardware, software and infrastructure by implementing 3 sites replication based on IBM and Oracle technology. The disaster recovery and business continuity has proven to provide maximum protection and availability (zero-data loss) for SDC core business adhering to best practice and international standards, said Mr. Samir Jaradat, CEO of SDC.

Being a fast growing major economy parameter in Jordan, SDC faces challenges that require creative solutions, as the economy strives toward comprehensive development, and its decision to enhance and upgrade the existing IT infrastructure to a highly available architecture reflects brightly on SDC’s visionary leadership, said Mr. Mohammad Tahboub, President of Savvytek.

Oracle RAC uses two or more machines to build a load balancing and failover database infrastructure. RAC allows continuous data availability in the event of component, instance, or node failure. If an instance or node fails, the surviving instances automatically perform recovery for the failed instance and continue to provide database service. User data is always accessible if there is at least one available instance running in the cluster.

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