Savvytek and Oracle Host the First PCI Compliance and Banking Analytics Workshops for the Banking Sector in Jordan

In recognition and partnership with Oracle Corp., Savvytek conducted a two-day workshop for the Banking Sector in Jordan last week. The workshop was the first in Jordan to discuss vital subjects in the banking industry, like: PCI Compliance and Banking Analytics, and what solution offerings Oracle and Savvytek provide in such areas.

The event was aimed at establishing an open channel between Banks and leading technology providers to discuss real business needs and give insight on how Oracle solutions have evolved to cater for such critical needs; specifically in Data Security and Identity Management areas, in addition to Business Intelligence and Data Mining.

During the first day of the workshop, Savvytek and Oracle consultants shed the light on Oracle PCI Compliant offerings, and how the integrated solutions will allow banks to protect their IT assets against internal and external fraud, unauthorized access to data and identity theft – Daily challenges that can cost the Banking Sector business, money and market share.

The second day of the event Savvytek, and their partners Cognitro, demonstrated the benefits of evolving Business Intelligence levels that hold the secrets of current performance and the keys to future opportunities using Oracle latest tools; while the biggest challenges in the Financial and Banking Industry are to improve customer acquisition, retention and satisfaction levels.


The event illustrated how Savvytek and Oracle go hand-in-hand in establishing a select technology and services offering for PCI Compliance and Analytics Solutions, with a clear zoom on the present Banking Sector most crucial business needs and strategic goals.

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