Savvytek Successfully Launches a Mission-Critical e-Government Solution at the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department - Jordan

In line with their direction to lead the way forward in implementing e-Government projects in Jordan, and in full support and sponsorship of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology; Savvytek successfully completed the eServices and Data Cleansing project at the Drivers and Vehicles Licensing Department in Jordan (DVLD), to record the first implementation of its size and nature in the Jordan e‑Government Program.

By completing this project, Savvytek are witnessed to have helped the DVLD accomplish their objectives of providing the best, most efficient One-Stop-Shop services to the citizens while applying the concepts of Business and Service Continuity. Savvytek partnered with the worldwide leading solution providers, Oracle and IBM, to fulfill the DVLD project.

The project was launched at the beginning of the year to serve the citizens, serving an average of 15,000 transactions daily, countrywide, The project grand opening was conducted in October 2010, under the patronage of His Excellency, Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Marwan Juma, who confirmed, in a press statement following the launch, on the importance of the project in enhancing the leverage of resources and enabling the “One Stop Shop” concept.

Mohammad Tahboub, President of Savvytek said “This project can be the seed for success in other eGovernment tracks. Savvytek solution was built on Open-Standards and highest technology trends to allow for further scalability and integration with Government and Non-Government related entities” he also added “The model we followed in this success story was clear – Partnering with our Clients, and Focusing on the Business Goals. In DVLD we employed our best resources and years of experience to implement a real Business Solution that is based on sound technology concepts.”

Savvytek is an international provider of IT and Business Solutions with a proven track record in eGovernment Projects around the Region. It is worth mentioning that Savvytek consultants have also participated in designing the architecture of the Jordan e-Government Framework in 2007, in addition to other e-Government projects of high significance.

Technical Insight

In addition, Savvytek performed a full data cleansing and consolidation from all DVLD sites to build a centralized database that is hosted in three identical locations dispersed across the Kingdom. The new solution was designed and built to provide 99.99% System Availability and full Disaster Recovery using the state-of-the-art technology solutions from Oracle and IBM.

Since the project kick-off in 2007, and for the purpose of implementing the concept of “One Stop Shop”, Savvytek have leveraged the best of their capacity and technology partnerships in each of the project workstreams, including the unification and streamlining of the DVLD processes, defining key performance indicators for standardized services, operation automation and centralization, data cleansing and consolidation, in addition to infrastructure services.

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