Launching First Phase of the Saudi Institute of Public Administration (IPA) Migration Project


Savvytek has successfully completed the First Phase of IPA Migration Project which included migrating IPA main Applications to centralized Web-based solution architecture, based on the latest Oracle JDeveloper and ADF platforms.

In this Project Savvytek utilized its Methodology Grow The Team “Savvy GTT” that was designed and deployed to facilitate extensive technical knowledge transfer and high coordination between Savvytek and IPA teams throughout the initial phases of the project, the target was to empower the IPA team with the required skills to complete the project with a lesser reliance on Savvytek teams, thereby improving efficiency and reducing out-sourcing costs. In this model, Savvytek consultants come in to compliment the IPA’s project-team with the necessary knowledge, experience, and effort.

The successful migration was a major step towards unifying the institute’s applications while upgrading them based on the latest Oracle technologies and best practices in the market. The new implementation is supporting and enhanced the (IPA)’s mission-critical operations; in means to answering the ever developing standards and demands of the government sector.

Savvytek added value to the project came through their wide experience in similar Technology Migration projects for the public sector across the region. Savvytek is a leading provider of IT services and Oracle solutions; Savvytek comes in with years of international, regional, and local experiences in enterprise, complex, multi-tasked project execution and delivery.

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