Business Continuity

Businesses may experience a serious incident that can prevent it from continuing normal business operations, and this can happen at any time. This can range from a flood or explosion to a serious computer malfunction or information security incident. Business Management has a responsibility to recover from such incidents within the minimal possible downtime and damage.

Business Continuity requires careful preparation and planning. Savvytek experts are helping customers implement Business Continuity plans according to proven international standards. Our experts contribute to the implementation of the Business Recovery Process by:

  • Reviewing existing business continuity procedures,
  • Conducting risk assessment,
  • Helping set a preliminary project budget,
  • Helping formulate a project team,
  • Contributing to the design of a business continuity / disaster recovery solution
  • Setting backup / recovery strategies and procedures
  • Implementing the designed solution
  • Training the customer personnel
  • Testing the Business Recovery Process

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